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Re-leveling and repair of foundation structures and walls of buildings and structures

The lifting of the house is already possible "without leaving home"

             One of the important stages of construction and operation is the re-leveling of the foundation (and bearing walls) of buildings or its parts (corners, extensions). This provides uniform support for the house without distortions, cracks and other problems that may arise due to unevenness of the foundation or foundation soil. However, there are often situations when the building has already been erected, but over time a shift of the house (wall) or foundation has been noticed.

              The lifting of the foundation (and adjacent structures) of the house should be carried out at the first sign of subsidence of the foundation. This will avoid further problems, namely: the appearance of cracks, rolls, sagging, skewed doorways and curvature of the floor. It is not worth delaying the repair of the foundation, because in this case an emergency situation may arise that will require considerable time to solve it and a lot of money, avoiding the mention the threat to the life and health of residents.

               You can order re-leveling of the structures of the foundation of a building or it's parts in Russian Federation on our website. We make recovery works of existing concrete and reinforced concrete (monolithic) foundations, as well as strip, slab and columnar ones. From brick, blocks, stone (rubble foundations) and other materials. The drawdown and settlement of the foundation and related structures is not a problem if we use geopolymer technologies to solve it.

 GeoResin technology - fast, reliable, high quality.

                GeoResin technology allows you to level and restore the foundation without long excavation work. It is known in more than 80 countries and today is actively gaining popularity in Russia. The technology is based on the introduction of geopolymer resins into the soil, which quickly expand with a force of up to 10 MPa, harden and, forming a vertically directed pressure, strengthen the base and foundation. At this moment, the foundation lifts to the required height. We would also like to note that the used two-component geopolymer resins have a service life of more than 60 years, do not affect the environment and are not affected by fungi and bacteria.

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What does the base problem look like?

It won't go away by itself.

Step # 1 is to figure it out and determine the cause.

Only then can a balanced decision about the future be made.
Discuss your particular case with a specialist and ask the questions that concern you the most, to which you did not find answers

The main causes of foundation problems:

Questions answered by GeoResin:

Specialization in bases and foundations
Imported technologies and equipment
More than 10 years of successful injection practice in Russia
Admission to particularly dangerous, technically complex and unique objects
Heavy polymers of own specification
Warranty on the position of structures in space after work
The development of Finnish injection technologies since 1978
The technology standard was developed at the Research Institute. Gersevanova

Efficiency and effectiveness


Extended minimum warranty terms


Fantastic productivity and speed


Quick material curing time


Accuracy at every stage of works

Completed projects
Understand what is happening
Make an informed and informed decision
Take control of an asset
Increase facility life
Stop Lost Asset Value
Choose the most suitable way to implement the solution
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