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Soil replacement, filling voids and cavities in the base of buildings and structures

Repairs without utility consequences. Perspective or reality?

             Although the nationwide investment boom in urban development is slowing, the level of spending on maintaining municipal assets is not decreasing.During the construction boom, new urban assets were built at breakneck speed to accelerate urban growth. In some cases, this has led to traffic bottlenecks and operational problems, and in others, to the rapid end of the life of infrastructure facilities.GeoResin aims to help the urban industry now and in the future. Extending the life of critical infrastructure to maximize efficiency and return on public investment.

             As asset management becomes more automated and remotely managed to support the material base. It is essential that the infrastructure of any site performs its planned design functions without disruption, to help maintain the smooth delivery of public or utility services. An innovative and collaborative approach to repairing and restoring obsolete or failed assets is already crucial. Not excluding man-made accidents.

            Innovative methods of ground engineering are increasingly used in cities or other densely populated agglomerations throughout Russia. The goal is to restore and extend the service life of infrastructure objects with minimal costs or at least without stopping the operation of the object. At its core, GeoResin specializes in providing unique, proven solutions and works with a number of operating companies and contractors that have adopted innovative methods and are now successfully reaping the benefits.

            GeoResin is a specialist in soil engineering and has more than 40 years of experience in the industry. Our solutions have been developed to meet the requirements of uninterrupted operation of structures on a natural soil basis, and can be used in almost any situation. Innovation is at the heart of what we do, and for the most part, our solutions provide a proven, faster, and more cost-effective alternative to traditional design and restoration methods.

            Our team of specialists recently visited the gulf near St. Petersburg region and, using our innovative GeoResin resin injection solutions, filled the voids under a working pumping station and replaced the liquefied soil for a large oil terminal. Also, soil substitution was needed for an agricultural enterprise in the Tambov region, when the treatment facilities were damaged due to a burst sewer accident.

            GeoResin's advanced void filling solutions are a lightweight and powerful alternative to other fillers and compounds. Due to the expansion force, the resin does not mix with poor soil, but displaces it, creating a strong base with the necessary load-bearing capacity.

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Soil loosening and voids may be caused by the following factors:

Questions answered by GeoResin:

Specialization in bases and foundations
Imported technologies and equipment
More than 10 years of successful injection practice in Russia
Admission to particularly dangerous, technically complex and unique objects
Heavy polymers of own specification
Warranty on the position of structures in space after work
The development of Finnish injection technologies since 1978
The technology standard was developed at the Research Institute. Gersevanova

Efficiency and effectiveness


Extended minimum warranty terms


Fantastic productivity and speed


Quick material curing time


Accuracy at every stage of works

Completed projects
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Take control of an asset
Increase facility life
Stop Lost Asset Value
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