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Re-leveling and stabilization of cracked floor slabs and foundations

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         When considering methods of labor protection and safety measures, as well as business efficiency, ask yourself: are the foundations under your warehouse, the floors inside, the loading and unloading platform, transport hub or access road stable? Many structural problems are caused by loose soil. Inclined, moving or settled floors in buildings or cracks appearing in transport yards, sidewalks or driveways can be signs of unstable soil, often caused by subsidence, which can cause structural problems towards comfort and safety of both people and the business as a whole .

Pay attention to:

             - Falling or sloping floors immediately pose a risk of tripping and falling, and also affect the durability of walkways, portals, elevated work platforms and stairs, often used by workers to access machines and equipment for routine tasks, maintenance, repairs or cleaning.

              - On cracked or uneven floors, falling concrete slabs, sloping floors or racks that have become uneven. As well as affecting the safety of workers and the efficient operation of mobile machines (reach trucks and loaders) and equipment, they are likely to be a sign that the foundation under the building needs to be strengthened to support the weight of heavy equipment and cargo.

              Uneven and cracked floors directly affect the performance of machines, tools, as well as health and safety in the workplace. In the warehouse and production facilities, a flat floor is critical for the stability of racks and cabinets, affecting the workflow (productivity), and the safe operation of forklifts, reach trucks, cranes and transport trolleys. Uneven or broken floors can also reduce the efficiency of large machines and equipment with moving parts such as booms or telphers. Heavy industrial equipment can put huge stress on floors and their foundations and cause cracking or subsidence. Facilities with transport hubs will depend on the frequent and unhindered access of heavy vehicles as part of everyday activities. Over time, heavy equipment and vehicles can exacerbate problems with soil or voids formed under the foundation or floor.

                  Industrial, office premises and warehouses - this is an environment that requires a vigilant approach to labor protection and safety. For all organizations, large or small, it is important to identify and eliminate any hazards in the workplace, as well as quickly eliminate those that can lead to injuries. While the cost of repairing structural problems can seem prohibitive: the cost of a serious incident at the workplace can be significant, not to mention the personal expenses of the victim and his family or employees.

                 It is also important to know that the delay in repairing sidewalks and floor slabs affected by subsidence can increase structural damage and the risk of destruction. The subsidence of the outdoor slabs and sidewalks usually leads to the fact that the water sink settles and depressurizes, and then moisture seeps into the foundation soil. Since heavy traffic loads pump saturated foundation soil, this leads to even greater damage and increased subsidence.

                  GeoResin solutions exist to allow you to quickly, unobtrusively and economically eliminate basic problems with minimal interference with everyday work. GeoResin is a two-in-one solution that improves the soil and levels the sagging structure while increasing the bearing and insulation capacity of the soil and filling voids.

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Deformation of the coating slabs and cracking are mainly caused by the following factors:

Questions answered by GeoResin:

Specialization in bases and foundations
Imported technologies and equipment
More than 10 years of successful injection practice in Russia
Admission to particularly dangerous, technically complex and unique objects
Heavy polymers of own specification
Warranty on the position of structures in space after work
The development of Finnish injection technologies since 1978
The technology standard was developed at the Research Institute. Gersevanova

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