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Strengthening weak soils, filling voids and cavities

Ideal solution for localized weak areas

               Ground Engineering LLC is a contractor company that uses non-invasive advanced technologies to strengthen, re-level and improve unstable or sagging structures on or in the ground. Objects can be residential buildings, commercial buildings, structures, or parts of them: concrete slabs, extensions, sidewalks, and driveways.

                GeoResin is at the forefront of developing unique and innovative solutions to address foundation problems in residential, industrial, commercial, civil, and mining environments. The company is one of the world's leaders in providing accurate ground (and underground) engineering systems through resin injection and other technologically advanced solutions, providing alternative solutions to traditional methods. The techniques we use are environmentally neutral, cost-effective, and non-invasive, which ultimately stops destruction and saves time.

                For more than 40 years, GeoResin has developed and improved its unique and patented process for improving foundation soils and structural support. Using this efficient method, we insert one or more of our geopolymer resins under the sagging part of the affected structure or object, filling any voids that the resins encounter as they expand to maximize support for the ground part of the structure. Then, after stabilization, from a deeper level, we lift the structure, if conditions allow, using a controlled force created by the expanding resin.

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The loss of the bearing capacity of the base can be caused by the following factors:

Questions answered by GeoResin:

Specialization in bases and foundations
Imported technologies and equipment
More than 10 years of successful injection practice in Russia
Admission to particularly dangerous, technically complex and unique objects
Heavy polymers of own specification
Warranty on the position of structures in space after work
The development of Finnish injection technologies since 1978
The technology standard was developed at the Research Institute. Gersevanova

Efficiency and effectiveness


Extended minimum warranty terms


Fantastic productivity and speed


Quick material curing time


Accuracy at every stage of works

Completed projects
Understand what is happening
Make an informed and informed decision
Take control of an asset
Increase facility life
Stop Lost Asset Value
Choose the most suitable way to implement the solution
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