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Repair of cracks in walls and foundations

Cracks in the construction are just a consequence, but they can also be treated

        For long-term operation of the building or operation in difficult conditions, it may be necessary to strengthen the wall or foundation with the repair of damage in the form of cracks. This problem very often arises due to a violation of technology during the construction of a house or accidents during exploitation. The cause (source) of a crack can be determined by studying its position and direction. The occurrence of a horizontal crack tells us that the problem arose during the sagging of the structure during uneven settlement. A vertical crack indicates the presence of force problems in the base soils or foundation of the structure. Diagonal cracks are evidence of a structural split. In any of the above cases, you will need the help of specialists who will evaluate and solve this problem. And this means - they will save you from fears, nerves and the deterioration of the value of your capital asset, without leading it to an emergency state.

         If there are cracks in the structures, it is worth ordering an investigation to determine the cause of cracks in the building. You can do this directly on our website. All work is carried out according to a specially developed and formalized European technology. To eliminate the causes of cracking, the foundation is first strengthened and stabilized. At this stage, the causes of cracks in the foundations of buildings are eliminated, and in addition to these works (as soon as the cause is eliminated), cracks in the walls are repaired with special spiral arming reinforcement, guaranteeing no cracks in the future. Due to the rise and stabilization of the foundation, cracks are reduced or stabilized, after which they can be processed with spiral reinforcement.

          Lifting the foundation is carried out with an accuracy of one millimeter, thanks to the adaptive force of expansion of polymer resins and trained specialists. Repair can be carried out during the operation of the building, without stopping it, since when using the GeoResin technology it is not necessary to carry out excavation and interfere with the on-going operations of structures.

           On our website you can order a call back and get expert advice to find out how to solve the problem in your home or commercial building. The main thing is not to let the situation drift after all, the sooner you take steps to resolve it, the cheaper the solution will be.

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What does the base problem look like?

It won't go away by itself.

Step # 1 is to figure it out and determine the cause.

Only then can a balanced decision about the future be made.
Discuss your particular case with a specialist and ask the questions that concern you the most, to which you did not find answers

Stiching the cracks in the wall can be done only after eliminating the cause of their occurrence. These problems arise due to:

Questions answered by GeoResin:

Specialization in bases and foundations
Imported technologies and equipment
More than 10 years of successful injection practice in Russia
Admission to particularly dangerous, technically complex and unique objects
Heavy polymers of own specification
Warranty on the position of structures in space after work
The development of Finnish injection technologies since 1978
The technology standard was developed at the Research Institute. Gersevanova

Efficiency and effectiveness


Extended minimum warranty terms


Fantastic productivity and speed


Quick material curing time


Accuracy at every stage of works

Completed projects
Understand what is happening
Make an informed and informed decision
Take control of an asset
Increase facility life
Stop Lost Asset Value
Choose the most suitable way to implement the solution
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