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Lifting foundation and strengthening of the bases in case of subsidence

When do I need to figure it out and find a solution? Keys to typical problems

          Understanding what is happening in the ground under a building or other structure, including the type of foundation on which it is built, can be the key to determining the cause of subsidence and possible solutions. This is especially important for private, commercial and municipal owners in areas where the ground is known to be unstable. Homes built on loose soil, old landfills, sand, and deep clay can be particularly affected by seasonal or extreme weather conditions, droughts, and floods. Historical mining activity can also affect properties in certain areas.

         Structural problems often arise due to different levels of humidity in the clay base, layers of which can shrink or crack and shift in hot weather, and then expand in wetter or colder seasons. Other problems can occur due to tree roots, removing moisture from the soil or penetrating the pipe while the creation of underground leaks. As an example, poor drainage under a concrete slab was identified as the likely cause of subsidence of a restaurant with a veranda in a brick house with a facing near Belgorod. The homeowner was worried that the entire building would need major repairs with partial dismantling of structures. Fortunately, after solving the main drainage problems, the house was re-leveled within a short period of time using GeoResin technology, compared to the timing of replacement or other solutions.

          Seismic activity, such as earthquakes, can cause a temporary loss of ground stability, known as decompression, which can then lead to subsidence.

          Subsidence can also occur when nearby earthworks, tunneling, drilling, or piling cause vibration and ground movement, which affects the stability of the foundation base. Whether it's a neighbor building a pool, new pit developments in the area, or major infrastructure projects, it's important to understand the cause of drawdown to effectively address this problem. GeoResin restoration solutions can usually be applied with minimal impact to protect the integrity of even the most fragile buildings, such as a Church or other cultural heritage building, where the foundations can often be affected by deep excavations during restoration or repair.

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Subsidence of infrastructure objects can be caused by:

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